Vivre et travailler à Londres… le tout en anglais (pour une fois)
juin 3, 2007, 10:31
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I might just be very unlucky… here is my story.

A couple of days ago, I spent 2 hours on to update my CV. Everything went fine except at the end where the system couldn’t let me add a line to my education. But I didn’t pay much attention to that and saved the whole thing and logged out.

Today I received phone calls from recruiters who saw my resume on Monster. Good sign, my update worked. So back home, I log on Monster to check what I wrote and… surprise, the whole update is gone. Only my old cv is remaining!!! No need to say that I am very very very upset.

But then I am very confused… what cv do the recruiters actually see? No way for me to check apart from asking them. That is rubbish. Right now I hate Monster. Any moral support from anyone? Any similar experience?

By the way, I might just explained why is worth spending my time. Unlike the french version, recruiters actually do search and look at CVs on No need to apply to any jobs. Some agencies will eventually contact you if they feel your profile matches their opportunities. Although saying that, it happened I got contacted for job I wasn’t interested in or which required more experienced applicants. Nevertheless, that is a good start… a single effort which can really pay off!


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Salut miss ! Je peux peut-etre te rendre service, puisque je bosse dans le recrutement… donc j’utilise Monster a titre professionnel. Envoie-moi un mail en me rappelant ton nom, et je ferai une petite recherche pour te dire ce qui ressort quand on regarde ton CV !

Commentaire par Paris-London

J’ai rencontré exactement le même problème que toi : impossible de mettre mon CV à jour sur Monster. Après moultes vaines tentatives, j’ai abandonné Monster.

En revanche, est un super site d’emploi. Je recevais des appels tous les jours! et c’est grâce à Reed que j’ai trouvé mon job actuel 🙂

Good luck pour tes recherches!

Commentaire par Sarah

C’est marrant j’ai pas accroché avec le site de Reed (pourtant c’est actuellement mon agence), faudra que j’y fasse un tour, j’avais peut-être pas les yeux en face des trous.

Pour info, voici la réponse du service technique de (plus rapide que ce à quoi je m’attendais):

Hello Emilie,

Thank you for contacting Monster Customer Central. I will be glad to assist you in this regard.

I do understand your concern and extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. The problem you are facing is due to some technical reasons. These kind of problems usually occur due to the temporary internet files ( cache and cookies ).

At this point of time I suggest you to clear cache and cookies from your computer.

Kindly follow the steps given below to clear cache and cookies.

1) Open Internet Explorer.
2) Click ‘Internet Options’ on either the ‘Tools’ menu.
3) On the ‘General’ tab, click ‘Delete Files’ under ‘Temporary Internet Files’.
4) Click ‘OK’ on the ‘Delete Files’ popup box.
5) Click ‘Delete Cookies’.
6) Click ‘OK’ on the ‘Delete Cookies’ popup box.
7) Click ‘OK’.
8) Close Internet Explorer before attempting to access Monster again.

Mozilla FireFox 1.x or higher

1) Click on Tools
2) Select Options
3) Choose the privacy option on the menu on the left
4) Click the Clear cookies button

If you want to view your resume please follow the steps given below.

1) After logging into your my monster account, click on Post Resume option and you will find your resumes listed there.
2) Click on the View/Edit link of the resume, that you wish to view.

I request you to update your resume once more after following steps mentioned above. If you are still experiencing problem in editing or uploading resume then please do not worry, send me your resume in .doc format or the details of the data to be edited and I will be glad to upload or edit it for you. I would also request you to send me all the necessary details which are to be filled in the fields which are marked by red asterisks ( * ), while creating the Monster account. Please send me the following details along with the resume in .doc format:

1. « Resume Title » which you want to keep.
2. « Resume Status » (Public or Private).
3. Most Recent Employer.
4. Most Recent Job Title.
5. Job Type.
6. Job Status.
7. Target Job Title.
8. Company Category
9. Industry.
10. Target Job Location.
11. Willingness to Relocate.
12. Work Status.

I hope the information provided above will be of assistance to you.

If there is any issue regarding your account, search agent, resumes, applying for a job or any other issue please feel free to contact me, I will be more than happy to assist you.

Commentaire par sanciaa

Monster: comment faire fuir les candidats…

Commentaire par Sarah

:-° Yep!

Commentaire par sanciaa

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